PETER KOHL KG – your global partner

Located right in the centre of Europe, near a container-port (for feeding to Hamburg, Antwerp or Rotterdam), the main East-West and North-South German “Autobahn” just minutes away and Frankfurt International Airport less than 10 minutes away, we have the perfect location for distributing our down material world-wide.

With our 30 metres of loading- and unloading bays, we can handle up to 4 containers and trucks at one time.

For conventional loading of loose sacks on trucks, we can reach most European destinations within 12 hours, enabling our customers to order material “just-in-time”.

In addition to containerisation of high-quality washed down (700 – 3500 kg. / container depending on quality), our press-bales for original material are designed for optimal utilisation of high-cube containers, loading upto 20 tons.

Lately, more and more customers in USA and Asia have started to order high-quality down-material by air. Our specially designed air-freight bales, measuring 0,9 x 0,9 x 1,8 m, can nicely pack 200 kg. of high down, and the additional freight-cost compared to container-freight amounts to an average of only € 4,00/kg.

With direct cargo-flights from Frankfurt to most international destinations, the transit-time is only 2-3 days. For customers having their own steamer and “power-up” facilities, this is an ideal way to reduce inventory, too.