Laboratory of high quality processing of down and feathers

For over 25 years we have been able to offer our customers a stable and reliable product and we are proud to say that we have one of the best equipped in-house laboratories for processing downs and feathers in Europe, constantly being upgraded as new international standards and equipment come into effect.

From the well known 4 grams analysis by hand and the Filling-power test (which are performed in the laboratory’s own climatic room to make sure tested material is properly conditioned), through the specie determination and the turbidity testing (up to 1000 mm. for Japan) we are well recognised for having test results very near to official results from IDFL and other recognised international laboratories. We can test according to most known international- and national norms.

When time permits, Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG also conduct tests for suppliers, and even competitors, who do not have their own laboratories – a fact that speaks for itself.

Most of our laboratory technicians have been with our company for more that 15 years, and in addition to being experienced, they are also multi-lingual and can easily communicate directly with our suppliers and customers.

Testing incoming raw-material

We put a lot of effort into testing incoming raw-material and transfer our know-how to our suppliers. We offer in-house courses and training sessions, enabling us to get the best raw material from our foreign sources. In addition, courses are also held for our European- and international customers.

Throughout the processing og downs and feathers in our factory, samples are drawn and tested, and a final end-control is performed before any material is being shipped out. In our sample-room, there is space for our customers to see and compare the many qualities of down material. Currently, we have as much as 270 blends for various customers, although 20-30 qualities are “standard” qualities in regular production.

In our “keep-sample” storage, all samples and test reports are kept for up to 3 years, for comparison purposes and to enable the customer to get the same quality time and time again.