Sorting of down and feathers

Largest machine in Europe

In addition to the conventional 2, 3 and 4-chamber sorting machines, our high-capacity 4-chamber sorting machine built in 2003, developed by Mr. Kohl together with LORCH, is the largest machine in Europe. 9m high, 12m long and 7m wide, with a storage silo comprising more than 1000 kg.

Fully computerised and with a great capacity, this machine can sort original material into various stages of down, even top-quality 95% down.

Over the past years, as many European companies have shut down their Down- and feather processing, a lot of 2nd-hand machines have been made available for sale.

Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG has purchased numerous sorting machines, which have been installed at our subsidiaries in Ukraine and Russia, where original material will be pre-sorted before being shipped to Germany.

Washing of down and feathers

Orders within 48 hours

Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG possesses 4 complete, fully automated LORCH washing lines. With a great washing-capacity, we are able to react swiftly to orders of various sizes and qualities.During the washing-process, the down can be anti-statically- and NOCAR-treated.

More and more customers want to keep low inventory of ready-to-fill down-material, to be able to adhere to an often fast changing market and to ease cash-flow. We are proud to say that we are today one of the few processors in Europe, if not the only one, that can execute orders within 48 hours.
This “just-in-time” service that Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG provides is becoming more and more appreciated.

The steaming and drying follows in machines working at a minimum temperature of 130° Celsius for up to 40 minutes. In addition to drying the material after washing, any bacterial and micro-organisms will through this process be eliminated.

The company processes under strict control by the German Veterinary Authorities, and the plant is located in an area where Newcastle disease and Fowl-pest are non-existing.

For washing high-percentage down, Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG has developed a special washing line. The Teflon coated interior, together with the maximum load of 30 kg. per charge, guarantees that the down will be washed and dried extremely gentle to reach a fill-power of up to 900 cuin. / 20 cm.

Sack filling

Made in Germany

After processing, the down is transferred to the sack-filling from the 3 main washing lines by a vacuum-piped system.

Being located separately from the processing-area and raw-material warehouse, we can conform to the new, commonly used Veterinary Requirements stating that “the sterilized material has, after processing, never been in contact with those from same origin”.

After being automatically blown into the well-known dark blue – PETER KOHL MADE IN GERMANY – sacks, the material will be transferred to the “finished-material warehouse” or direct to the loading ramps.


20 tons of feathers

The 2 bale pressing machine has 2 functions:

One is to reduce the storage volume of raw-material, pressing up to 520 kg into a square bale of approx. 1,0 x 0,9 x 2,0 m, for easy storage in our 8 meter high racking system.

Another is to produce press-pack bales for export. A 40”-High-Cube container can load 38 / about 20 Tons of these specially designed bales.


500 tons per season

Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG carries a large inventory of various raw material, depending on season, at an average of 500 Tons.

A modern bar-code identifying system has been implemented to manage inventory. This system enables the staff, at a “touch-of-a-button”, to check current
status of the various qualities in stock.

In addition, it gives the warehousing staff a swift access to the material and the material can easily be monitored throughout the processing.

As more and more customers are using the bar-code system for their own logistic, Peter Kohl Nachfolger Franz Kohl KG can also tag the sacks according to the customer’s require-ment with regards to Reference Number, Purchase Order Number, Production-date, Shipment date etc.